Friday, 22 July 2022

End of term mini-cruise, River Blackwater, 20-22 July, 2022

Evening sail across to the Colne

On Instagram, this has been dubbed the 'end of (yet another academic) year mini-cruise’.  Weary but glad to be afloat!

This cruise came at the end of term and also followed on from a few days of record-breaking heat - it was good to be out and about with a slightly cooler sea breeze, although that had developed into a stiffer easterly, by the end of day 2, so I decided to come home a day early, and postponed any serious coastal passage-making.

On day 1, having faffed around in Bradwell Marina, there was insufficient time for a sail up to Walton, so I diverted to Pyefleet for a relaxed evening.

Day 2 allowed for a jaunt up the coast to Holland-on-Sea, hove-to for for elevenses.  Then, with the turned tide, I sailed back to The Blackwater and ended up in a delightful anchorage in Mayland Creek just off the Steeple Bay holiday park - great protection from a developing easterly, and drying out overnight.

Day 3 could have been another day at sea, but the easterly winds put me off.  I sailed and then motored over choppy 'wind over tide' waters back to Bradwell.  A longer cruise will have to wait for more suitable weather…

White: 20 July, 9.7nm; red: 21 July, 30.6nm; green: 22 July, 6.6nm.  Total length 46.9nm

Saturday, 9 July 2022

Harwich harbour - 9th July


Launched at Suffolk Yacht Harbour for a day sail.  Over to Stone Point, Walton Backwaters, for lunch and then returning.  

A particular feature was a good bit of video of Daisy III in action, and also the Pin Mill Barge Match as a great backdrop.


Thursday, 2 June 2022

Half term cruise 30th May - 1st June, River Blackwater


Showery weather off Osea Island
This was the first opportunity for a cruise since acquiring a puppy which, as any dog owner will know, takes time to train…
Anyhow, this blog is about boats not dogs, although it is hoped our new friend might become a feature of future sails.  But, for now, still sailing mostly solo.
This launch on the Blackwater was a brief window of opportunity and the weather was quite suspect, although the main showers tended to happen at convenient times, usually when anchored and often in the middle of the night.

The cruise followed the usual pattern on this estuary, which is a trip across to the Colne for a night in the Pyefleet Channel, and then a sail up the Blackwater the next day.  On this occasion, on the second evening, I spent the night anchored off Osea, on the south side, which was modestly successful, but always destined to become bumpy for a small boat at a point overnight when the tide turned against the wind.  I should have persisted with looking for a quieter spot up Mayland Creek or Lawling Creek.  

Threatening skies never far away, but mostly managed to hold off whilst in motion.

Day 1 (red): 15.4nm; Day 2(yellow): 21.7nm; Day 3 (green): 6.1nm; total length 44.2nm

Saturday, 9 April 2022

Shakedown Cruise, River Orwell, 8-9 April

8-9 April, 2022

This was a brief weather window in which to spend time afloat, prior to the arrival of a new puppy at home!
Launching at Woolverstone, I rather foolishly anchored for the night on the far shore of Collimer Point and, as the tide came in overnight, had a bumpy time.  I ought to know better.
The next day was a bit on the gusty side at times for my liking, but a enabled brief jaunt in the Stour before returning to base.

So, that will be it for a few months whilst pup is trained… 

Red track: 5.9nm, Green track (day 2): 13.1nm

Saturday, 13 November 2021

Rutland Water, 13 November 2021

This was the final sail of 2021.  Not a particularly successful one, since a good hour was wasted whilst I discovered an issue with the rear rollers, all associated with the boat never recovering centrally.   This was preventing me from easily launching without submerging the whole trailer.  The keel band was rubbing against the rollers and the associated friction was stopping the boat from sliding off the trailer.  It became apparent that the rear cradle needed some adjustments - something I have managed to resolve since.  
Anyhow, once launched, a delightful if rather short swansong to the season.



Sunday, 19 September 2021

Hickling Broad and Horsey Mere

Daisy III on Horsey Mere

Entering Meadow Dyke from Horsey Mere

Leaving the moorings at Horsey Windpump

More sailing on Horsey Mere

Hickling Broad - successfully avoiding weed

Running short of sailing opportunities now.  Launched at Whispering Reeds boatyard on Saturday morning.  Sailed through to Horsey Mere, where we had a good time colouring in this delightful corner of the Broads, and then mooring up for an overnight stop.

Return trip on Sunday.

Saturday 18th: red track, 8nm; Sunday 19th: white track, 6.6nm; total track: 14.6nm

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Summer cruise, 1-5 August


I didn't really get round to writing up this cruise; hopefully the pictures and tracks will be sufficient...

Day 1: 1.6nm; Day 2: 35.3nm

Ever Given, the ship that blocked Suez, finally makes it to Felixstowe, and I happened to be a part of the flotilla of boats to greet her....!

Day 3: 36nm

Day 4: 27.2nm

Total track (incl Day 5: 1nm) 101.1nm